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My services are real, credible, and based in My deepest desire to prey upon your weaknesses and enslave you. Furthermore, I take the greatest pleasure in seeing a prideful male, or female for that matter, and rendering them completely helpless. But I do not do it for free. you will submit to My process or we will not play together, you may ask respectfully in your letter of introduction to begin My slave application process, follow on assignments, tasks, games and I will determine your sincerity prior to proceeding.

Also one of My specialties is mentally manipulating you into telling Me your most pathetic desires and then using those desires to draw you deeper in to my web. Truly I am the most devious Woman you have ever met and My kink has no boundaries. I will take your sickest desires, make them a reality, addict you, and mentally put you into bondage so deep, you will never see the light of day as you do now.
Ok… so you want to please Me… you want to be respectful… and you understand that My guidance does not come without cost. you also understand this is no game to Me, and if you go forward with your introduction,      I am going to satisfy Myself and feed upon you…
My specialties include but are not limited to:

Financial Domination
Monitoring & Control
Consensual Blackmail
Mental Bondage
Life Management
Extreme Humiliation
Total Power Exchange